Raleigh woman wants justice after stolen SUV found crashed

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Katrena Parker hopes the juvenile linked to the theft of her SUV is brought to justice.

A Raleigh mother is looking for justice after her stolen SUV ended up involved in a hit-and-run crash.

"At this point, there needs to be some action taken, so this does not happen or get to the point where someone is killed," Katrena Parker said. "We have a kid out here that's stealing vehicles."

Who that "kid" is, police aren't saying. They will only confirm that this is under investigation.

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This all started Monday, when cold temperatures had people finding ways to stay warm. Like so many, Parker started her car and left it running to warm it up before going back into her house to get her son.

When she went back outside, the car was gone.

She shared her words of warning with us that same night when she told us her story.


She said Raleigh police told her they usually solve these types of crimes quickly and sure enough two days later they called her.

"I was told that a juvenile had been involved in a hit and run and that the vehicle is a total loss," Parker said.

Raleigh police confirm that about 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, there was a crash at Gorman Street and Sherman Avenue.

The vehicles involved were a 1996 Nissan sedan and Parker's stolen SUV.

Police say the suspect in the SUV was traveling northbound on Gorman Street and turned left in front of the Nissan that was heading southbound.

The Nissan was driven by a 40-year-old man. Also inside was a 13-year-old girl. Neither suffered serious injuries.

Police say the driver of the SUV fled on foot and still has not been caught. They could not confirm for ABC11 whether the driver of the SUV and the person who stole it from Parker's driveway is the same person.

Parker said police told her they were able to lift fingerprints from her SUV and it matched those of a juvenile with a history of stealing cars.

"Who is watching this kid?" Parker said. "I was informed that there is a background on this kid and that he has stolen several cars in the past; that I wasn't his first victim."

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