Wake County food truck builder arrested

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Wake County food truck builder charged
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Nic Baliva (image courtesy CCBI)

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- The law finally caught up with Nic Baliva. Baliva is charged with obtaining property under false pretenses. Investigators say the charge directly relates to Baliva's food truck company, Premier Food Trucks. It's alleged that an out of state customer of Baliva lost more than $24,000 after she says she paid his company to build her a food truck but it never happened.

Since late 2014, Baliva has been the center of several Troubleshooter investigations.

Nic Baliva

At that time, he operated under several different names, including Blue Sky Dining and Bull City Builders.

Food truck owners from N.C. and from other states told me Baliva took their money to build food trucks, but didn't do much work. After my story, Baliva closed up shop and said he would make things right.

A few months later, I started to hear from new customers who say Baliva opened Premier Food Trucks in Chatham County and Reno, Nevada. Customers from NC and across the country told me they also paid him thousands of dollars to build their food trucks, but were just left with empty promises.

Nic Baliva

After that story, Baliva again closed up shop. Several of his customers did get their money back. Baliva's mom actually paid those customers.

Baliva is due in court next month on the charge of obtaining property under false pretenses.

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