Road to Recovery volunteers give cancer patients a lift

If you've been watching over the past few weeks, you might have noticed I'm looking a little scruffy.

I chose to do No Shave November to bring about awareness of cancer prevention in men. I also did it to salute those who are fighting it. For me, No Shave November is just a month. For some people, the fight against disease happens every day

As part of this no shave thing, I want to feature local people and how they've joined the battle.

Every day, in our area, there are people just trying to get to the hospital for treatment, but getting there can be a real challenge. So a group of volunteers step up, or should I say, drive up. The Road to Recovery volunteers make sure people get to and from their treatments.

This is John. He is a cancer survivor who volunteers every week. And for him, the fight is personal.

"I have a family history of cancer. My mother and my brother both died at young ages. I've also lost uncles, cousins, and aunts. So after I retired, I felt like I really wanted to do something to help other people, especially if it was related to cancer," John said.

And John has some great stories about the people he's driven. I wish I had time to tell them all. If you'd like to join John, the American Cancer Society is always looking for other drivers on the Road to Recovery. You can go to their website here. Or you can call 1-800-227-2345.

Plus, the No Shave November page is still open. If you'd like to donate any amount, it's tax-deductible! Here's the link.
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