Pregnant woman accused of robbing pizza man at gunpoint after demanding refund

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Monday, December 11, 2017
Pizza man claims pregnant woman robbed him at gunpoint
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Kristina Crockett was wrongly accused of robbing a disgruntled pizza man at gunpoint, police said.

YORKTOWN, Virginia -- Talk about some fake news.

A pizza man in Virginia is facing charges after he accused a pregnant woman and her boyfriend of armed robbery for demanding a refund on a messed up order.

Noah Klein, 19, is charged with making a false report after he told his boss and then police that Kristina Crockett robbed him at gunpoint.

Crockett said she and her boyfriend told Klein they wanted their money back after their pizza arrived late and in an inedible state.

"It looked like it had been kicked down a football field, and chunks of pizza were missing," Crockett told WTKR-TV.

Crockett, who is eight months pregnant, left to get some food, but she said what happened next really freaked her out.

The woman found five officers with guns drawn on her boyfriend and cousin when she returned home.

"How do you get from returning a pizza and getting your money back to five cops and everybody is being separated and talked to and I can't go into my apartment?" Crockett said. "So, it was nervous and stressful."

The York Poquoson Sheriff's Office says the driver was upset he had to return the pizza, so he filed the false report.

"With the report of an armed robbery allegedly occurring at that residence, we're going in with at least a mindset these people may be armed and we have to take precautions to make sure the citizens around that area are safe," said Deputy Dennis Ivey, Jr.

Crockett said she was terrified knowing the pizza man's claim could have had serious consequences for her family.