North Carolina Attorney General: Get help for opioid addiction online

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Opioid Crisis: Online help in North Carolina
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Opioid Crisis: Online help in North Carolina

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein says the opioid problem claims more lives in the state every year. It also affects the families of everyone struggling to cope with addiction issues. That's why he stood with representatives of those families along with health and law enforcement authorities on Tuesday for the announcement of online support resources.


"Each one of these people have been pouring their heart and soul in this issue," said Stein. "Some of them, for many, many years."

Heather Moore is one of eleven people honored Tuesda by Stein for their work to help persons who struggle with a serious opioid problem.

"Addiction has really hit my family hard. I'm fortunate to have two of my four children in recovery," said Moore.

That's why she appreciates Stein's announcement: "I've created and we are today launching our online resource manual to combat the opioid crisis."

Moore heads a non-profit that helps and supports other families affected by opioids, called The Anchor Holds, Inc.

"If we have a collaborative effort, where everybody's information's in one place, that's gonna really help a lot of people because it's a dire need,"said Moore. "People who need help, they want it now."

She had this advice for the families of opioid addicts:

"Show them the love, always plant the seeds that recovery is possible. Tell them to pray."