What is the most popular item NC consumers are buying for Black Friday?

According to PCMag.com one of the most popular purchases for shoppers in North Carolina this Black Friday is tech items.

Rob Marvin with PCMag.com said, "For North Carolinians, we found the top gifts that they're looking at are tablets, gaming consoles, accessories like audio gifts, like headphones or smart speakers."

Marvin said you'll likely find the best deals for those items online. Major retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart started rolling out early Black Friday deals last week but a new survey shows more than half of shoppers in our area said they are willing to wait. "Twenty-five percent plan to shop on Black Friday but even more, 34 percent plan to shop on Cyber Monday," Marvin added.

Keeping track of all of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals can be overwhelming, so you might want to sign up for text and email alerts to get the top deals.

If you are planning to shop on Black Friday, Marvin said it might be worth it to wait until later in the day. "Wait until the crowds die down, the lines are a little bit shorter and also at that point later in the day it's easier for you to compare deals," he said.
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