Fewer crimes reported in NC schools

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Schools throughout North Carolina reported fewer crimes during the 2016-17 school year, continuing a long-term trend. The crime number are part of the N.C. Department of Instruction's 2016-17 Consolidated Data Report presented Wednesday to the State Board of Education.

The total number of reportable crimes across all grades decreased from 10,020 in 2015-16 to 9,934 in 2016-17 (1.9 percent). In N.C. high schools crime decreased by 4 percent. Here's a look at the five most reported crimes in North Carolina schools.

Illegal possession of a controlled substance
2016-17: 4,289
2015-16: 4,639

Possession of a weapon other than a firearm
2016-17: 2,745
2015-16: 2,746

Assault on a school personnel
2016-17: 1,431
2015-16: 1,329

Possession of alcoholic beverages

2016-17: 882
2015-16: 934

Possession of a firearm or powerful explosive

2016-17: 105
2015-16: 118

Schools are required to report 16 offenses that occur on campus or school property, of which nine are considered dangerous and violent. In 2016-17 those nine categories represented 278 individual instances, or 2.8 percent of all 9,834 reported offenses.

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