Tillis takes to Twitter to defend Bojangles' from Washington Post biscuit bashing

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017
Sen. Thom Tillis chastises newspaper's biscuit ratings
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Sen. Thom Tillis defended Bojangles after a newspaper rated the NC chain's biscuits poorly.

You could say it's Bo Time for a biscuit battle.

North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis took to Twitter on Tuesday night to defend Bojangles' after a scathing review of its biscuits in the Washington Post.

The senator tweeted that with all due respect their food tasters need to get their tastebuds checked out. Bojangles' makes the best "fast food" biscuits, period.

The Washington Post recently taste-tested six "fast-food" biscuits and the North Carolina chain came in fifth, ahead of only Burger King.

The Post said Bojangles' biscuits tasted like "baking soda."

Take this with a grain of salt - after all, who can trust anything that comes out of Washington - but the Post ranked McDonald's as having the best biscuit, followed by Chick-fil-a, Popeye's and KFC.

Maybe the Post hasn't heard of Hardee's. Or Biscuitville.