Triangle group You Can Vote works hard to up voter participation before Friday registration deadline

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Monday, October 5, 2020
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Triangle group You Can Vote works hard to up voter participation before Friday registration deadline

Election season is winding down with just 29 days until Nov. 3.

There are some groups making sure people are aware of the deadlines to register and vote.

Friday is the last day to make sure your voice can be included in the general election.

The nonpartisan organization You Can Vote is working right now to get people registered across North Carolina.

Normally, the group is boots on the ground in their outreach.

But during the pandemic, their focus has been on training businesses, community groups, and schools on how to encourage voter participation, and educate people about the process.


This cycle, a lot of their work help has been helping people in jail register. Many of whom are eligible and didn't even know it.

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"It's just so important that people know that 'Hey if you got a family or loved one or if you are currently incarcerated awaiting trial for charges pending or you are serving a misdemeanor, you have not lost your right to vote, you absolutely have the right to vote you just need to register,'" said Kate Fellman, executive director and founder of You Can Vote. "And if you are physically unable to get to the polls, you can absolutely request your absentee ballot and vote by mail from wherever you are."

The group has been working to increase civic literacy and voter engagement since 2014.

Fellman realized her calling more than a decade ago as a student in Minnesota.

"I remember in college looking at voter participation numbers and being shocked at how many people don't exercise their right to vote," said Fellman.

So far this year, Fellman says the group has registered 50,000 voters.

Fellman said people assume they can't vote if they have a previous felony on their record, or if they have outstanding fines for a past felony conviction, but she says those individuals can vote.

If you would like to learn more about how you or someone you know can get registered to vote go to


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