Coldest temps of the season so far - bundle up!

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Friday, December 9, 2016
NC wakes up to frigid temps
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The ABC11 Weather Team says to bundle up this morning!

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Arctic air swept into the state overnight, bringing the coldest air so far this season.

The chill will be in place across most of central North Carolina today into tomorrow, so make sure you bundle up as you head out today.

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A large area of high pressure, building into the mid-Atlantic, will bring plenty of sunshine with high temperatures in the mid-40s each day. In between, temperatures will drop to the teens in some outlying areas tonight and into the low 20s in the more urban areas.

Clouds will gradually increase Sunday as high pressure moves away to the east. Temperatures Sunday will recover to about 50 after another cold start.

The chilly temperatures are creating a dangerous situation for some who may not be prepared for the bitter cold. During the next few nights, the white flag is up for people who usually sleep outside in the Triangle.

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When the white flag is up that means shelters will make room with extra mats and cots for anyone who needs to come in from the cold.