The 'Halloween House' in Raleigh's Historic Oakwood is known for its spooky decorations

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- One home in Raleigh's Historic Oakwood neighborhood is notorious for its spooky Halloween decorations including a lawn full of zombies and skeletons.

The home is located at 504 Oakwood Avenue.

"It's part of our annual Halloween tradition," said Chip Kloss as he was passing by the home. "The guy that does it puts an amazing amount of effort into it. On the surface, you just see the outside but the more you hang out, you see the small details and how intricate some of the stuff is and it's amazing."

Annual visitors like Kloss stop by a few times as the decorating process gets underway.

"We stop by I'd say three times, make sure he's starting it, see how far he's gotten and then we have to come hang put and check it out," said Kloss.

"The little things are what makes it really interesting to look at and the stuff that he does with the same stuff is in different locations every year." said another visitor Ericka Maiore.

Kloss recommends stopping by for 30 minutes, checking out the grand display but also looking for all the small details.
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