Off-camera hobbies: Kim Deaner helps viewers get fit

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Kim Deaner is the newest member of the ABC11 morning team; You count on her to tell you about wrecks, road closures, and traffic jams.

But when she is off the air, she's helping people reach their fitness goals.

It's a passion she can't live without.

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"I was always the little kid hanging upside down on the jungle gym," Deaner said. "I even cheered, so fitness has always been my way to escape life and the troubles life can bring sometimes."

Speaking of trouble, Deaner brings the trouble to her personal training clients and classes she now teaches at the YMCA.

"I teach boot camps. I teach cardio classes, like those involving core and cardio. Burpees are my favorite things to make people do. If you are crying at the end of my class, it was a good work out."

In fact, she might be the kind of instructor you love to hate.

"Yes, because they don't talk. I don't know if you talk with your girlfriends while you're working out ... I'm a little chatty Cathy, but when you can't talk, you know it's a good workout. I always tell them, 'I know you want to shoot me or slap me but give me 10 more burpees. Let's go, let's go, let's go.'"

Deaner tells her clients there's no magic bullet to getting fit. It's finding your passion for exercise and eating right, and she knows because she lives it.

"If I didn't have that ability to just get rid of all the anxieties of life, I would be even harder to work within the mornings," Deaner said.

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