An Ohio family is hoping to thank the North Carolina family who may have saved a young woman's life

Wednesday, December 27, 2017
Rescued from crash, woman wants to thank NC family who saved her
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Josie Grooms is looking for the Davis family from North Carolina, who rescued her after a car crash.

A family in Ohio is asking for your help to find a mother and two sons from North Carolina that pulled a young woman out of her wrecked car on Christmas Eve.

They want to be able to thank these good Samaritans, and their social media plea is getting a huge response.

Thousands are helping to share a Facebook post looking for the Davis family from North Carolina.

They pulled Josie Grooms out of her wrecked Chevy Spark when she was trapped in there upside down.

Grooms spoke with ABC11 via FaceTime and said her car hit a patch of black ice in Jeffersonville, Ohio on Christmas Eve, slammed into the bridge and flipped over.

That's when one of the Davis sons pulled her out and called 911.

Josie didn't see them, as her glass flew off her face, and she can't remember their first names after the shock of the accident.

The Grooms family's post on Facebook has tens of thousands of shares as folks from all over are hoping to help.

Here's what we do know about the Davis family:

  • It was a woman traveling with 2 sons, all of them from NC.
  • The accident happened on US 35 West - 45 minutes outside of Dayton, Ohio, on Christmas Eve.
  • The Davis family was headed to their hotel in Dayton.
  • They told Josie they recently bought their SUV.

"I would like them to know that I am so grateful," Josie Grooms said, "and you know it's so nice to know that there's people out there who would not only stop, not only rescue me from my flipped over vehicle, but also give me shelter in theirs."