20 dogs rescued in Orange County find new homes

Friday, February 14, 2020
20 dogs rescued in Orange County find new homes
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20 dogs rescued in Orange County find new homes

ORANGE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Orange County Animal Services found new homes for 20 of nearly 60 dogs seized in an animal cruelty case last year.

The county received 19 thousand applications for the rescued bulldogs and other breeds put up for adoption.

Orange County officials said this size large-scale animal seizure can only happen with public support. Taylor Doar, 35, and his mother Cynthia Riggins, 65, were charged with felony animal cruelty after the dogs, some of which were pregnant, were taken from their home.

"The seizure these dogs depends upon donations of food and treats, as well as new homes," said Bob Marotto, Director of Animal Services.

A bulldog named Choco Taco was one the dogs who found his forever home after a special adoption process. Dogs are being made available weekly in batches of six to 12. Those who are interested are are urged to review all of the information on the county website which includes how people are notified if they are chosen to adopt an animal, and also the timeline of the adoption process.

The county is still accepting donations to care for these animals. Some have given birth since being rescued. Food, treats and other items can be dropped off at Animal Services during normal business hours.