Oxbow Public Market is Napa Valley's go-to gathering place for foodies

NAPA VALLEY, Calif. -- Fried chicken sandwiches, oysters, fresh ice cream -- you name it, Oxbow Public Market offers it.

Known as a gathering place for foodies, the Oxbow marketplace spans 40,000 square feet with fresh food at every turn. The food paradise supports sustainable farming practices, owner-operated businesses, and local food producers throughout the Bay Area. Walk through and you'll find fresh meats, ice cream, oysters, and beer from popular vendors, including Milestone Provisions, Hog Island Oyster Co., the Fatted Calf, and Fieldstone to name a few.

"One thing that I love about being part of the Oxbow is that it's such a great collaboration with so many other people. There's so many great vendors and people who are producing great things," expresses founder/co-owner of Milestone, Dave Cruz. "And then obviously the people that come in are phenomenal too. It's just so much fun."

Guests from throughout the Bay Area and beyond visit to get their fill of flavorful foods, as well as speak with shop owners to learn more about California's diverse local offerings.

"A great way to spend the day is just to walk through the market, see everything that's going on. They have tons of different options for drinks and food," explains Andrew Flohr, the GM of Fieldstone Brewery. "Come sit down, have a beer, enjoy a beer garden, and just enjoy the rest of your night."

For more information on Oxbow Public Market, visit here.