Pair arrested in Durham parking lot murder face judge

DURHAM, NC (WTVD) -- There's no visible reminder today of the apparent dispute in a shopping center parking lot that abruptly ended a man's life on January 30. But Ron Brewer remembers the look on that man's face as he lay on the pavement dying.

"I thought he had a heart attack," said Brewer, "or he was choking on something really bad, so he collapsed due to lack of air."

Brewer learned later, after police arrived, that the man had been fatally shot. Days later, authorities arrested and charged Danon Hirsch and Tyrone Stanback in connection with the murder.

On Monday, inside the jailhouse courtroom and behind a clear barrier between audience and prisoner, Danon Hirsch faced the judge first. Members of her family watched as she heard the charge read: "Felony accessory after the fact."

The shooting victim, Darelle Harper, died shortly after those gunshots hit him. The store manager said he didn't hear any gunshots.

"No, the two ladies were running up towards the door here, and he started running over in that direction. Then he collapsed. One was praying over him, the other was trying to do CPR. She was doing it wrong, so that's when I got involved and took over," he said.

He couldn't revive the victim, but he's glad that police made an arrest in this case.

"It's good to know that law enforcement's doing their job," he told ABC11, and he added this about the pair charged with the murders:

"I'm just glad that they're off the streets."
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