Parents worried after 'strange' man tries to lure Lee County kids from bus stop

LEE COUNTY (WTVD) -- Parents in a Lee County neighborhood are on alert after they said a man tried to lure a handful of children into his car at a bus stop.

It all started Friday when children getting off the school bus said they were greeted by a strange man driving a dark sedan off Fern Ridge Drive.

When the students, who were from San Lee Middle School and Southern Lee High School, didn't accept his offer and ran away, the man fled the scene; now the search is on.

The Lee County School District sent parents a voice message, warning them and letting them know that bus drivers will be on the lookout at each bus stop.

Valencia Rosemond said she became concerned when she received the message from her daughter's school.

Her 7-year-old catches the school bus just yards away from where the man approached the kids. Now, she and her neighbors want the man caught.

"This neighborhood is quiet and you don't expect anyone to come around and do anything like that," said Rosemond.

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Neighbors in the area are looking out for the neighborhood kids and urging other parents to do the same.

"Parents need to talk to their children about the incident," said Yoselin Lopez, a mom of two who lives in the Jonesboro neighborhood. "And we have to pick up our children from the bus stop on time because this is scary."

Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter said parents should tell their children to fight back because the chances of survival after getting in a stranger's car are slim.

"Do everything you can to get away," said Carter. "Kick, scream, yell."

Carter's deputies and Sanford police are teaming up to patrol bus stops.

His message for the suspect - "We're looking for you."

The description of the suspect is vague, but police are looking for a man driving a dark-colored sedan.

Those who see anything suspicious are asked to call 911.
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