Fayetteville detective receives life-changing kidney transplant

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- Nothing but tears of joy for one Fayetteville first responder as he receives the phone call that will change his life forever.

ABC11 first told you about Detective Patrick Gaines back in December.

Fayetteville detective battling stage 5 kidney disease desperate for donor

The Army veteran and fraud detective pleaded with the community for support during his battle against stage five kidney disease.
On Saturday, Gaines was with his wife enjoying their Valentine's Weekend Dinner at Chili's when he got the phone call from UNC Hospital.

"He's talking to her and just hands me the phone. Tears start falling. He couldn't talk anymore and he got choked up," said Marsha Gaines.

The call came in around 1 p.m. and less than seven hours later, Gaines was at UNC Hospital. By Sunday morning he was under the knife.

"Last night when he got out of surgery and everything, he didn't know I was there. But this morning, I kissed him on the forehead and he opened his eyes and said 'I made it.' And I said 'you did,'" said Gaines.

Marsha Gaines told ABC11 that a family saw Gaines story and decided to write a happy ending in the midst of their sorrow.

'They put their life on the line:' Fayetteville restaurant holding fundraiser for detective in need of kidney

"The donors had some family that lived here in NC. The donor is originally from Florida. The donor was passing away and the family got together and decided they wanted to donate his organs and they specifically requested his kidney go to Patrick," said Gaines.
While the Gaines have gratitude, they can't help but grieve.

"We're grateful and thankful for the family. We're sorry for their loss, just know that your loved one is going to live on. We're going to take care of that kidney," said Gaines.

Turns out, the kidney is already taking care of him.

"Right now the kidney is functioning. It has blood flow right now And he's producing urine. So the kidney is working. I want the family to know that too. It's living. Your loved one is living," said Gaines.

Detective Gaines remains in the ICU. He has a long road to recovery but is thankful for the community support.

His recovery wish is to get a visit or shout-out from Roy Williams or Mack Brown.
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