In a hurry? NC offers online way to pay speeding tickets

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Friday, October 27, 2017
Pay your speeding tickets online now
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The state rolled out a new plan that allows many people to pay speeding tickets online.

There's a new way to pay speeding tickets without ever having to step foot inside your local courthouse.

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The state court system launched a new online service Friday, enabling lead-footers to do just that.

Some drivers who get nabbed for speeding can now go online to request reducing the ticket and process the citation without having to appear at the courthouse.

Several counties have jumped on board and others are expected to soon follow suit.

But if you're in Wake County, not so fast.

District Attorney Lorrin Freeman said she still has some concerns about how the online program operates. So for now, tickets in Wake County will still be handled the old-fashioned way.

If you live in Johnston County, you may already be familiar with the online system. The state tested it out there online for several months before rolling out the program to other counties.

Check out the online program here.