People forced to withdraw money at gunpoint in Durham

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Durham police are investigating after two reports of robberies in downtown Durham over the weekend. (WTVD)

Durham police are investigating after two reports of robberies downtown over the weekend.

Police said that on Friday a man and a woman were walking down Morgan Street when they were approached by a man at gunpoint.

The man demanded money and forced them to walk to an ATM in the 500 block of Morgan Street.

The suspect was described as a black male with a dark complexion.

He was wearing a gray ball cap, a blue button-down shirt with a white t-shirt underneath, and shiny stonewashed blue jeans with a lot of zippers.

The second robbery happened around 10 p.m. on Sunday night.


Police said that the person was walking in the area of Hunt and Foster Street when a man approached the person with a gun demanding money.
He then forced the person to withdraw money from the ATM near the Farmer's Market.

The robber was described as a black man approximately 5', 7" tall, in his early 20s. He was wearing a gray or black bandana over his face with dark heavy clothing, and baggy jeans.

Anyone with information is asked to call Investigator D. Cramer at (919) 560-4440, ext. 29414 or CrimeStoppers at (919) 683-1200.

CrimeStoppers pays cash rewards for information leading to arrests in felony cases and callers never have to identify themselves.

In the wake of the robberies, Durham police suggested these general crime prevention tips:

-Call 911 to report any suspicious activity or suspicious people at your home or business.
-If you think you are being followed, pull into a well-lit place and call 911.
-Don't flash large sums of cash, jewelry or other expensive items. They attract unwanted attention and may give a potential robber his target.
-Travel in groups if possible. Avoid isolated areas, short cuts and deserted parking lots.
-If you have to use isolated areas, such as when you leave work late, have someone walk with you to your car.
-If you see someone suspicious, walk away. Go to an area where there are other people, bright lights or a telephone.

If You Are Confronted
-Don't try to be a hero. It's better to lose your money than your life.
-Do not take any action that will jeopardize your personal safety or the safety of others.
-Try to remain calm.

Consider all firearms to be loaded.
-Follow all directions given by robber.
-Avoid any action that might excite the robber or cause him/her to be violent. You do have a right to defend yourself from a robber(s) if you are physically attacked. However, we suggest that you avoid a physical confrontation if at all possible unless there is no other option available.
-Be alert to the direction and manner of escape.
-Get as much information as possible about the suspect(s) and any vehicle involved, including the plate number if at all possible.

After an Armed Robbery
-Call 911 as soon as possible after the robbery. Provide the dispatcher with as much information as possible and stay on the phone until instructed to hang up. You'll be asked to provide the five "Ws" - who, what, when, where and weapon.
-Limit access to the area where the crime occurred in case evidence such as fingerprints might be obtained.
-As soon as possible after calling the police, write down a description of the robber(s), weapons used and the means of escape.
-Ask any witness to wait until the police arrive so they may give a description of the robber(s). If they can't stay, get their names, phone numbers and addresses.
-Do not discuss the details of the robbery with witnesses or friends as this could taint the description.
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