Immigration bill protesters disrupt Gov. McCrory's pet adoption event in Raleigh

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Gov. McCrory hosted an adoption event at the Governor's Mansion in Raleigh on Saturday for pets that need a good home, but some visitors weren't there to bring home an animal companion.

"This dog is waiting for somebody!" McCrory said, introducing a pooch to the attendees. "This is the sweetest dog you're ever gonna see in your life, right here."

Pet adoption event in Raleigh

"Ann and I rescued our dog Moe in 2010, and he has been a beloved member of our family ever since," McCrory said in a release. "We are so happy for the families who adopted today and for the pets who now have homes."

During the event, though, protesters lined the gates.

A group shouting, "We pay taxes too!" wanted McCrory to know they demand protection for undocumented people working in North Carolina. The group is concerned about a bill that could mean the arrest and deportation of workers who do not possess state-issued identification.

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"We hope [Gov. McCrory] can veto it. Because this is going to damage not just the Hispanic community, all communities," said demonstrator David Salazar.

Those attending the pet adoption event had to show ID to enter, and while Salazar made it inside, he was unable to voice his concerns.

"They didn't let me talk to the governor. I did sign in and everything, but they didn't let me get to it," Salazar said. "I wanted to talk to him and ask him to veto this, but he didn't want to talk to us."

When reporters tried to get a comment about the bill and the protesters, McCrory stayed on message.

"I'm here to talk about cats and dogs! Aren't you?" McCrory asked the media.

"We're here for both events! It's a large group out there," reporters answered.

"Thank you all very much," McCrory responded. "Obviously you're not interested in cats and dogs."

"All pets deserve to live a happy, healthy life with a family who loves them," said First Lady McCrory. "Today, many previously homeless cats and dogs went home with a family and will now get the life that they deserve, and the pets will teach their new families about responsibility, commitment, love and loyalty. I am grateful for all of the organizations and individuals who came out today to honor the memory of Ernest and rescue a pet."

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