Pet of the Week: August 10, 2021, Nelson

Meet Nelson, our ABC11 Pet of the Week!

Nelson, Coonhound

2 year, 4 months Male
We just can't stop talking about our newest, goofy hound, Nelson. Handsome barely describes this wonderful hound mix. He is 74lbs of pure hunkiness, but it hasn't gone to his head as he can actually be a bit shy on first introductions, but he quickly shows his personality once he's comfortable. He is quiet in his crate and understands how to wait his turn to go outside. Once there, he's all boy, running and enjoying every smell he can get his nose on. Nelson will be fine as a single dog or blending with other dogs. Be mindful of personal space, cause he doesn't understand the concept. You probably won't mind, cause he's just that special. Nelson is ready to find his way to his forever family so don't delay in getting in your application today!

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This ABC11 Pet of the Week is sponsored by Sally Said So Professional Dog Training, who is offering a free training session for those who adopt from Saving Grace based on this feature.

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