Are you seeing an increase in foxes? This may be why

Officials are seeing a spike of calls right now about foxes spotted around yards.

There are a couple of main reasons for that.

"What we're having now is a lot of the pups that were small and still in the den a month ago, are now growing up and they're getting out on their own, wanting to roam around," said North Carolina Wildlife Commission Wake County Enforcement Officer Brent Ward. "This time of year, we get a lot of calls about it."

Officials also said the animals are being pushed out of their natural habitat by new construction.

The spike in calls come as the Commission is hosting a certification class.

At Bass Lake Park, people are learning the best ways to handle not only foxes, but also other wildlife.

Plumbers, police officers and others took part and after receiving the proper training, can write permits to remove unruly animals.

Officials said if you spot a fox walking through the yard it should not be reason for great pause. If you see it sitting there and doesn't scurry away, you need to give the animal room and call authorities.

"That is a not normal situation, you definitely don't want to approach that animal," Ward said. "Rabies is a problem, we see it all the time especially this time of year."

Officials said foxes and raccoons are some of the greatest carriers for rabies.
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