VIDEO: Bear eats from bird feeder on California family's porch

MONROVIA, Calif. -- A Monrovia, California, family got an up-close look at a very large and very hungry bear, snacking away at a bird feeder on their porch.

The bear was leaning against a fence and poking at the feeder, trying to get the seeds out as the man filmed and offered commentary.

At one point, he got a very close view. The curious animal poked his head close to the glass of the front door for a look as he noticed the resident filming, then went back to his snack.

"You're gonna break my bird feeder, aren't you?" the amused man said in the video. "That's not meant for you. But then again, it's a bear - what are you gonna do?"

"Alright buddy, have a good feast. I'll fix it when you're done."
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