Dog bites two fingers off Cumberland County man

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Clifford Locklear is recovering in the hospital just a day after he said his cousin's pit bull mix, named Rockett, ferociously attacked him.

He told ABC11 the dog bit two of his fingers off, broke several other fingers, and bit his leg.

"It grabbed my arm and he just started shaking his head," said Locklear. "Blood was flying everywhere. I just started hollering and yelling."

According to Cumberland County Animal Control, the dog bit another family member on a separate occasion. Therefore, it was declared a public threat.

Rockett was euthanized Thursday morning.

"The dog did have to be tranquilized here to be handled safely," said Cumberland County Animal Control director Elaine Smith. "The dog owner muzzled the dog for us before we transported it."

The dog's owner told ABC11 that she didn't want to lose him. She said he even saved her life on one occasion.

"She lost her dog," said Locklear. "She can get another dog. I can't get my hands back."
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