Dog seller charged after Troubleshooter investigation

The man at the center of a Troubleshooter investigation into selling puppies but not delivering the pups is now in trouble with the law.

Jahiem Boyd is charged with with two counts of felony of obtaining property under false pretenses. One of those charges is in Wake County and one is in Orange County.

Now more people are coming forward saying Boyd also ripped them off. So far, more than a dozen people say they paid Boyd for a puppy, he sent pictures of the puppy they would be getting, yet despite repeated promises no dog was ever delivered.

Many of the women are in North Carolina, but several are from elsewhere. A'yanna Barnes lives in Texas, and she said she's out $1,000 after thinking Boyd was getting her a Rottweiler puppy.

On February 10, she made the 10 1/2 hour drive from Texas to the meeting place of Atlanta. When she got to Atlanta, she said that's when the problems began. She said she got a text message from Boyd.

"He had been on his way, but his tire rod came off his vehicle. He wouldn't be able to make it that night," she said he told her. Boyd even sent her a picture (below) showing her the problem.

He never made it to Atlanta with her puppy.

A'yanna added, "He was like, 'fly back to Texas, I will fly the dog out to you next week.'" A'yanna says that never happened and she has no puppy nor her money back.

I did reach out to Boyd again after hearing from more women who said they got ripped off, but Boyd did not respond.

Jahiem Boyd

Last week, through a Facebook message, he admitted that people paid him for a puppy and he did not deliver. He also said he's just the middleman, not the breeder and that he was working on refunds.

The only person who told me they received money back so far is Brittany Dunn. She said Boyd did give her a full refund after he was charged in connection with her case.

Hillsborough Police also charged Boyd with obtaining property by false pretenses for the case involving Danielle Price. She paid $300 for a puppy from Boyd that she also did not receive.

Boyd is due in the Wake County Courthouse on March 22 in relation to Brittany Dunn's case.

When it comes to the case in Orange County, there is an active warrant out for Boyd's arrest.
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