Dog seller took women's money, but delivered no puppies

It's an exciting time when you're getting ready to welcome a new puppy into your home.

For several women, that excitement quickly faded after they didn't get the puppy they paid for and thought they were getting.

Now they are looking for their money. They all said Jahiem Boyd is the man who claimed he had puppies to sell.


Danielle Price is out $300. She started communicating with Boyd when she wanted to give her 5-year daughter a puppy for Christmas.

She said it was the only thing her daughter asked for. She communicated with Boyd all the way up through Christmas Eve about the new puppy. He sent her a picture of the black Maltese poodle she was buying and Danielle paid a $300 deposit on the pup. However, on Christmas Eve, Boyd texted her he could not get in touch with the breeder, and there would be no puppy.

"I just don't want anyone else going through what I went through that was a disturbing experience, emotionally draining," Danielle said.

Amber Estes has a similar story. She also was supposed to get a Maltipoo from Boyd around Christmas.

She paid $650 for the puppy. However, things didn't go as planned.

"Unfortunately, once he got the money and it was closer to the date that I was supposed to get the dog, things just fell apart," Amber said.

No pup for Amber and she also is out her $650.

One of the most recent cases involves Raleigh mom Brittany Dunn. She said she saw Boyd advertising new puppies on Snapchat.

She wanted to give her daughter a puppy for Valentine's Day, so she paid $650 for the new pup. When it came time for delivery, Boyd never provided the puppy.

"He said he was going to give me the money back yesterday. I haven't heard from him," Amber said.


Besides women from North Carolina, Boyd also took money for puppies from women in other states.

Jade Howard is from New Jersey, and she said she found Boyd on Instagram. She paid $750 up front and Boyd sent her pictures of the puppy she'd be getting.

On the day of delivery, Boyd texted back and forth with Jade, telling her several times he was on his way and would be in New Jersey at a certain time. However, he never made it there, and Jade never got the new puppy she paid for either.

It was the same story for Ashley Edwards in Baltimore after she paid $600 for a puppy she thought she was getting from Boyd. She never got a puppy either.


Boyd has claimed to live in several places throughout the Triangle. These women said he's told them he's lived in Durham, Cary, and now they've tracked him to Washington, NC.

I could not reach Boyd by phone, but he did respond via Facebook.

He said, "The people are correct. They paid me, and I owe them because I am the person they paid. I do not breed dogs. However, I am the middleman. Tell these people to contact me the same way you did. I am working on refunds."

The women I talked with said they had contacted Boyd for a refund, but none said they've received one yet.

"Last time I communicated with him he said it would be around tax time," Danielle said. "I just can't sit back and let this man continue to take money from people; people work hard for their money."


When looking to add a new pet to your home, you have several options to consider.

Check with your local shelter as they always have pets that need a forever home. If you insist on a certain breed, research the person you are buying the pet from, and do not pay any money up front without seeing the pup in person.

If possible, pay by credit card so you can dispute the charge.

Here are some other tips to make sure you don't get ripped off.
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