Purple human hair dye leaves dog with severe burns

LARGO, Florida -- A Florida dog nearly died from burns caused by human hair dye.

Someone dyed a Maltese-mix with purple human hair dye before she arrived at Pinellas County Animal Services in Largos, Florida, in November.

The shelter, which named her Violet, said her skin was covered in burns, her eyes were swollen shut and her body was limp. She was immediately given fluids, pain medication, and bandages, but those at the shelter didn't think she'd survive.

"We were amazed that she had made it through the night," the shelter posted to Facebook.

After three months of treatment, Violet finally started to recover. First, she was barking, then walking, and now she's "this little 5-pound ball of attitude."

Just this week, she was adopted by a new owner and finally has a forever home.

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