Several fox sightings spark fears for Fayetteville family

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- One woman claims to have at least a dozen foxes roaming through her residential neighborhood in East Fayetteville.

She sent ABC11 video of what appeared to be at least one fox near a shed but she said are there are several more invading her backyard.

Her husband Marcus Woodland said, "I've seen maybe three or four."

Just last week, a woman was attacked by a rabid fox while sitting on her front porch. Marcus Woodland is afraid the same might happen to his kids.

Meanwhile, a neighbor also had a scary encounter.

"She had to run from one the other day that's in her backyard," said Woodland.

The Woodlands reached out to ABC11 after they pleaded with animal control to come help.

"She came out here and said they're not rabid and not posing a problem," said Woodland.

ABC11 went to Animal Control and were told there's more to it than that.

"By law, we're only allowed to handle wildlife under those two conditions, either sick injured or in your residence," said Elaine Smith, Animal Control Director.

In this case, Animal Control said the foxes are just looking for shelter, shade, or like many of us, the sunshine.

"This time of year to see kits that are just starting to get big enough to get around and about," said Smith.

If you ask 9-year-old Brooklyn Woodland, they're kinda cute too.

"They're adorable," said Woodland.

Animal Control said foxes are rarely aggressive and typically avoid people.

"If you ever see a fox that's acting like it's sick, circling, or partially paralyzed, drooling or if it approaches you in a manner where it's not afraid. Definitely get to a safe place and call us or the sheriff's department," said Smith.

There are some things you can do to deter foxes:

  • Soak a few towels in vinegar, they don't like the smell

  • Cat litter will also do the trick

  • If they're really invasive, call NC Wildlife
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