WATCH OUT! Goose attacks high school golfer

BLISSFIELD, Michigan -- A high school golfer in Michigan was caught off guard by an unlikely opponent.

Photos of the attack are going viral as Blissfield High School golfer Devon Gilson-Pitts was attacked on the golf course by the big bird on April 21.

The golfers had just finished teeing off and were walking down the fairway when they passed a goose nest.

The goose started flying toward the teen and ended up on top of him.

Blissfield High School posted the photos on social media with the caption "And you thought golf was boring?"

The student was not hurt but he says his pride was injured.

"At no point in my life, I never thought golf would be fun or exciting till yesterday. We have a great group of kids on the golf team and had some excitement on the course yesterday," Gilson-Pitts wrote on Facebook.

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