Dogs attack deer in Durham subdivision

DURHAM (WTVD) -- A North Durham neighborhood is on edge after a homeowner captured a shocking dog attack on camera in his backyard.

Rick McCraw told ABC11 two large dogs took down a deer and viscously attacked it. He says one of the dogs appeared to be a pit bull.

The dogs didn't kill the deer or eat it. Instead, they took off into the woods that surround Pat Watson's subdivision, Stephens Woods, where there've been multiple sightings of the aggressive pair.

"Oh no! They're feeding themselves with wild four-legged things," said Watson. "All the neighbors that have seen it. They're afraid about walking their dogs now."

The dogs are on the radar of Durham County Animal Services. After reviewing the shocking video, several officers spent the day searching for the dogs and their owner.

"The dogs have collars. They appear to be domesticated, well-fed, well-groomed," said Tony Prignano with the Durham County Sheriff's Office. "We believe these two dogs are definitely owned by somebody in the area."

The dog's owner isn't following the law. According to Animal Services, dogs can't roam freely off leash without their owners unless it's an approved site.

Before the dogs roaming through Stephens Woods can be deemed dangerous, they have to attack a domesticated animal on someone else's property.

Watson and her neighbors aren't waiting for that. They've turned to social media.

"Now that we have the video that a neighbor posted, I'm hoping somebody will recognize them and we can do something about it," said Watson.

Animal Services is urging caution for people living in the area and pedestrians using nearby walking trails.

"If you have a sighting of these dogs, just walk away--don't run," urged Prignano, adding people should call Animal Services or 911 if they're in danger.

With her eyes on her own backyard, Watson offers a different kind of advice.

"Be responsible owners and be helpful to all your other neighbors," she said. "One dog running free can terrorize 10 or 20 dogs that are being taken care of."

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