New Jersey dogs who stayed together through blizzard, shooting ready for adoption

JERSEY CITY -- Friendship have proven itself stronger than a mega storm or bullets in one New Jersey town after two dogs beat the odds and survived last month's blizzard by sticking together.

Braveheart and Faithful are now trying to clear one more hurdle -- finding a loving home.

The two adorable pooches are being cared for at the Liberty Humane Society.

"We believe these guys are brothers," director of operations Kim Saunders said. "They can't be separated."

Over the course of several days, people saw the dogs running free at Liberty State Park. They could tell they were together and that they didn't want to be captured, which posed problems for the officers trying to rescue them."

"They had been eluding them for a day," Saunders said. "Unfortunately, the dogs felt threatened. So they had to shoot one dog. That was Braveheart."

The dogs ran again, on the lam one more day, before getting caught in a trap set by Animal Control.

"On the day of the blizzard, both dogs went into the trap together," Saunders said.

The bullet, in Braveheart's neck, luckily missed all his vital organs. It meant that Faithful still had his best friend.

"When Braveheart went for surgery, Faithful cried all day while his brother was gone," Saunders said.

They were already trained and ready for good owners.

"Definitely someone active to stimulate them mentally and physically," the Humane Society's Rob Chamorro said. "They're going to need it."

This story made the news, but many more shelter dogs need homes. So through Valentine's Day, Liberty Humane Society is waiving adoption fees on all their adult animals.

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