Ft. Bragg soldier saves homeless dog

Hattiesburg, MISSISSIPPI (WTVD) -- A Fort Bragg soldier usually fighting to keep our country safe has put that same passion towards saving a dog while training out of state.

Lt. Jon Eaton said the pit bull mix he's called "Struggle" was close to death when he came across it at the gates of Camp Shelby in Mississippi.

"Saw him laying by one of the trucks. Looked half dead. Came back about a half hour later, and he was actually up making friends with the gate guards," said Eaton.

The name Struggle is appropriate. The poor thing has been through a lot just since the lieutenant found him.

"Getting ready to leave, and a guy actually ran him over while we were at the gate," said Eaton.

Eaton decided to become Struggle's temporary owner while he was at Camp Shelby, taking care of many medical bills to get the once-homeless dog back to good health.

"Because nobody else did. I don't know. That's just the way I am," said Eaton.

Heather Williams, president of Southern Cross Animal Rescue in Mississippi, said they will handle getting Struggle a "forever home."

"Don't assume somebody else is helping the animals. If you see an animal in need, you're that person," she said. "There's way more animals in need than people willing to help."

Williams said Eaton called about 13 agencies who couldn't take Struggle either for no room or other reason.

But thanks to a recent transport of other animals, SCAR had room. Eaton's time at Camp Shelby is over, and he couldn't afford to bring Struggle back home to Fort Bragg. He's hoping someone will fall in love with Struggle just like he did when the dog needed him most.

"Absolutely doesn't meet a stranger. Loving dog. Gets along with other dogs. Hope for a full recovery and pictures and video updates," said Eaton.

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