Must-See Videos: Woman pulled from train tracks

A train track rescue, Doctor Oz jumps into action, a deer crashes into a store front and a topless protest at a California university is all part of ABC11 Must-see videos.


A woman in Illinois was saved by a Good Samaritan after she fell out of her wheelchair while crossing the train tracks just seconds before a train passed.

Video of the incident showed a man pushing his wife in a wheelchair. As they tried to cross the track, one of the wheels gets caught.

The woman fell to the ground as the train speeds towards them.

That's when a public works employee jumps in, grabbing the woman's jacket and pulling her to safety.


TV made Doctor Mehmet Oz famous, but this week he got to remind a crowd of his fans that he is an actual doctor.

Dr. Oz was appearing at a mall in Jacksonville, Florida when eyewitnesses say a woman in the crowd collapsed and people began yelling for help.

They say Dr. Oz jumped over a railing to help treat the woman.

Dr. Oz stayed with the woman until paramedics arrived.


In New Jersey, a deer jumped through a store front Thursday.

The animal smashed through a glass window, leaving a giant hole.

An employee said it was a huge surprise since she never sees deer in the area.

The employee said the frightened deer scampered around for a few minutes before running away.


Armed with a message, but no tops, more than 100 students at the University of California San Diego gathered this week with a message to go topless.

The gathering was called "Free the Nipples" and organizers said it wasn't about sex, but about equality.

The students want laws changed so women, like men, can walk around topless without legal repercussions.

Typically, nudity in public spaces violates San Diego municipal codes and the university student code of conduct, but school officials say they support the students and their First Amendment rights.

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