Florida dog groomer accused of choking, slamming dog on table

VENICE, Florida -- A Florida dog groomer is under fire after a video of her appearing to choke a dog went viral on Facebook.

A former employee posted a video of Phyllis Lucca, owner of Happy Puppy Pet Spa, choking a dog and slamming it on the table.

"The dog was picked up by the throat, choked, (shaken) and then his head slammed on the table," said the former employee, Briana Brady.

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Brady said the dog did nothing to provoke the behavior.

According to local media reports, Lucca claims the dog had passed out and she was trying to help the animal.

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office is investigating another case against Lucca.

Two weeks prior to the video, Brady said a dog named Pumpkin left the spa with a broken jaw and bruises all over his stomach.

Lucca claims that Brady was the one responsible.

However, both Brady and Pumpkin's owner, said they believe Lucca was the only one who could've have harmed the dog.

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