Enjoy great Thanksgiving pie and help others

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Thursday, November 3, 2016
Enjoy great Thanksgiving pie and help others
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RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Imagine enjoying a delicious pecan, pumpkin, or sweet potato pie at Thanksgiving and feeling a little less guilty about it because it will help someone else.

Started in 2015, Share the Pie is an annual, Thanksgiving-themed fundraiser benefiting StepUp Ministry and Alliance Medical Ministry.


The pies are made by 50 well-known local bakers or chefs and then donated.

Kristen Cleve with the Slice of Pie Company is one of them.

"The perfect pie is made with love, the perfect pie is made with fresh ingredients," she told ABC11.

She says the secret is in the crust.

"Hands down, no one can touch our crust. It's flaky, it's got a little crunch to it," she said.

Cleve's pies have been perfected over time. The recipes have been passed down through generations. Her father won a blue ribbon at the NC State Fair years ago.

"We also have some secrets, we call them slice spices that we put in our pies that if you were to just Google how to make a certain pie - we're not doing that - we're doing it different," she explained.

The dozen pies Cleve is donating will help people like Karen Evans. She had trouble finding a stable job until she linked up with StepUp.

"They help you with getting jobs, getting back into the work place, teaching you great skills," she said.

Now she has a job and health care. She's excited to be a contributing member of society again.

"I just can't see myself living without it," she said.

There are many more people like Karen out there and you can help them. You can buy tickets for $26 each until they sell out. Then, you pick up your pies the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

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