Harnett County salon thief returns stolen items, leaves apology letter

DUNN, N.C. (WTVD) -- Walk ins are welcome at Plain & Fancy Salon along North Ellis Avenue every day the shop is open. Break ins are not.

"Angela called me Saturday morning and when I saw her name I was like, 'oh no," said Bridget Lee, owner of Plain & Fancy Salon. "I'm thinking what could someone possibly want out of a salon?"

According to Lee, someone pried the back door of the salon open. The person left the hallway filled with items they were supposed to take.

"Laundry bags full of our product, boxes of color, jewelry and a fan. It was all piled up at the back door," said Lee.

Stylist Christy Bass noticed this apology letter on top of the air conditioner unit from the would-be thief. She read it to herself before reading it aloud to everyone else.

"They were asking for forgiveness saying they had an epiphany and the Lord spoke to them and told them they needed to return the stuff we worked so hard for," said Bass.

Both Bass and Lee noticed everything was returned minus a few pieces of jewelry and a fan. They believe this person wasn't a thief at heart. Instead, a good person who nearly made a bad decision.

"They got down the road and realized this is not right," said Bass.
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