Man turns himself in, 1 still wanted in flat tire scheme that targeted elderly

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Fayetteville Police are looking for a person they believe targeted the elderly.

Police say 33-year-old Isaac Godfrey and 69-year-old Wright Gillies stole from people they were supposed to be helping.

Gillies turned himself in on Friday for his involvement in the crimes, according to authorities.

He has been charged with breaking or entering a motor vehicle (6 counts), possession of stolen goods (7 counts), larceny (7 counts), financial card fraud (3 counts), financial card theft (5 counts), misdemeanor conspiracy (2 counts), felony conspiracy (3 counts), larceny of a dog (2 counts), first-degree trespass (2 counts), larceny from the person, attempt to obtain property by false pretense, and injury to personal property (5 counts).

Investigators told ABC11 Godfrey and Gillies ran a flat tire scheme targeting the elderly at several shopping centers near Skibo Road.

One woman spoke exclusively to ABC11 about the moment she was robbed.

"I went to Aldis got my groceries and came out to a note on my car that said you have a flat tire and then a man came running up saying I can help you, I can help you," said Barbara Fell.

Fell says she went to grab the tire jack from her trunk and the suspect grabbed her cash from the front seat. The suspect changed the tire but when Fell went to thank him for his service, she realized her wallet was gone.

"I went to the front seat got my purse out and went to pay him for fixing my tire and the money was gone out of my little change purse," said Fell.

Fell said she then confronted the suspect.

"I looked at him and said did you take my money. And he says 'I wouldn't do anything like that.'"

Detectives with the Fayetteville Police Department have charged Godfrey and Gillies with multiple felonies.

They say the two were targeting the elderly with a tire scheme in which they would slice the tires, offer to change them, and take off with the money left inside the victim's cars.

"I think it's a shame that someone would have to go through this traumatic incident just because they wanted a little bit of money. I would've been willing to give him $25 or $50 if he was hungry or needed something," said Fell.

Fell lost out on hundreds in cash.

Authorities said the suspects also took her debit and credit cards.

In two other cases, police say the suspects used the debit and credit cards stolen from victims.

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Investigators say the two stole a litter of dogs from a breeder and then sold them to a pet store.

Police also say the suspects are behind another scheme involving stolen puppies.

Investigators say the two stole a litter of dogs from a breeder and then sold them to a pet store.

Aquarama Pet Shop on Bragg Boulevard sells mostly fish and marine life but when they had the opportunity to give a litter of puppies a home, they jumped on it.

"We only buy dogs from local breeders so when he showed us the paperwork we assumed that they were his dogs. We purchased the dogs and put them up for sale," said the assistant manager.

But days later, the pet store says the actual breeders showed up.

"The owners came up about three to four days later. We had actually already sold the dogs and called those people and had them come back to give us the dogs back and give them back their money," the pet shop told ABC11.

But the bond they had already created with their families was priceless.

Police say the two suspects stole the puppies valued at over $1,000.

Gillies is being held on a $120,000 secured bond.

If you see Godfrey, police want you to call Crimestoppers at (910) 483-TIPS.
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