Advocacy groups call on Gov. Cooper to take action after ICE raids

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Activist groups called on Gov. Roy Cooper to take action following the recent arrests of nearly 200 undocumented immigrants in North Carolina.

Many undocumented residents have said they are living in fear following the recent ICE raids.

Members of Cooper's Advisory Council on Hispanic-Latino Affairs met Thursday at the NCDOT offices in downtown Raleigh. Nearly 100 people attended the meeting.

The group spoke its concerns and urged Cooper to make a statement about the recent immigration raids.

"Someone in his position influences others simply by the statements that he makes, so if he comes out in support for these issues then other people are more likely to speak up because they see someone in such power speaking up for us," said Maria Lopez Gonzalez, an immigration activist. "The least that we think he could do is say he stands with us, that he wants to protect us. That he's willing to do something."

Cooper spokesman Jamal Little sent a statement saying: "The bottom line is we need comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level that works to secure our borders without terrorizing communities, and that needs to happen now.

"People who have committed serious crimes should be arrested regardless of immigration status, but sweeping raids like these can separate innocent families and cause fear in communities that don't deserve to have that fear."
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