Americans for Prosperity holds rally in Raleigh, says policies are working

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Dozens of people who believe state lawmakers are headed in the right direction celebrated the laws passed by the General Assembly last year at a ceremony in Raleigh Tuesday evening.

Americans for Prosperity was specifically touting the state's tax reform. Critics, however, called it a break for the rich.

"I will not be preached to by people who will not support moral policies about what is moral and what isn't moral," said Donald Bryson, with Americans for Prosperity of North Carolina.

The state's chapter of Americans for Prosperity blasted Moral Monday protesters -- calling their movement misguided at best, especially their critique of the North Carolina's new tax reforms.

"They're protesting all of these policies," said Bryson. "Policies that have helped North Carolina's unemployment rate go from the fifth highest in the country at 10.4 percent to 6.2 percent as of last week."

That view was championed by dozens who came out to hear some of the state's most conservative voices including State Senate Pro Tempore Phil Berger.

"Everybody is receiving a tax cut," said Berger. "It means families will have more money in their pockets."

Berger praised the General Assembly's overhaul saying it slashes rates for everyone, and has already reduced the state's unemployment rate.

The John Locke Foundation said it has improved and simplified the climate for corporations moving here.

"It is short term economic recovery, and it is long-term economic growth, and it is getting North Carolinians back to work," said John Locke Foundation Vice President Becki Gray.

The most famous view point chiming in was Tucker Carlson. The national conservative journalist and political commentator implied our new tax structure will likely attract more residents.

"I can't think of another state that I think more often than I do here, I would live here. I would live here. I would live in Wilmington.
I would live in Asheville. I would live in Raleigh," said Carlson. "I mean it's an awesome place and, if the taxes keep getting lower, I'll move here."

Carlson said he finds a flat tax on personal income attractive.

Within only one year of the reforms passing, Republicans claim the state has the fourth best climate for businesses in the country -- citing CEO magazine.

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