Fayetteville federal worker scrambling as shutdown continues

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- As the government shutdown enters day 28, furloughed workers in Fayetteville are finding it more difficult to make ends meet.

Twenty-eight days in the house would have most of us crying "cabin fever," but Jeanette Gillespie is calling it showdown sickness.

"I've had tendinitis in my knee. I've had a cold. Is it because I've been home all day?" said Gillespie.

Gillespie has worked for the IRS almost 40 years. She's been through a shutdown or two but says this one is the worst.

"You have to contact all these people and say ok I can't pay my bills. I can't pay you this month and I don't have a mortgage but I do have car payments, credit cards, and other stuff, but I do have to call them but that doesn't necessarily mean that they will accept what you say," said Gillespie.

Gillespie has tried filing for unemployment but said that process is like a second job on its own.

"It's a headache. I don't mind working on the computer because I work on computers all day long but it's a headache because after you submit online you wanna talk to somebody,'" said Gillespie.

These days Gillespie tries to make the best of the shutdown. While at home she takes care of her 87-year-old mother, getting her up and out of the house. In her downtime she tries to take in a little TV.

But between balancing the bills and taking care of business, she's wondering when or if she'll ever go back to work.

"I think so far we're making it. I don't know about February. January is fine but as far as February I don't know what we're gonna do," said Gillespie.
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