Spending plan's passage means Fort Bragg civilian workers return to work - for now

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Fort Bragg is getting back to normal after the shutdown ends - but for how long?

Thousands of civilian workers at Fort Bragg are set to return to work Tuesday, but the big question is, what will happen in three weeks once this temporary spending plan expires?

For Fort Bragg, the post has remained operational during this three-day partial shutdown. Service members were required to report to work despite the possibility of not being paid. Some temporary measures were in place, such as reducing or eliminating services. Civilian workers were impacted here as well.

Many of them showed up to work Monday morning only to be turned around and sent home after signing a furlough letter.

One woman who spoke to ABC11 doubles as a civilian worker on the post and a reservist. She says for reservists, the shutdown has meant temporarily doing away with some training courses needed. As for her job on post, she's thankful the shutdown didn't drag on for weeks because it would have been tough on her family.

"Even though there's potential we're going to get paid back later, our bills still keep coming while we're not getting paid. So, while in the past civilians have gotten paid back during the shutdown there's no promise it will happen. Number two, that won't help me now if my bills are coming in and I'm living paycheck to paycheck," said Lisa Ray who is a civilian worker on Fort Bragg.

The Airborne and Special Operations Museum will be open Tuesday as well.
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