Must-See Videos: Lawmakers scuffle over microphone


A dramatic protest in Taiwan disrupted a legislative meeting when a woman from an anti-China political party refused to give up the microphone.

Members of an opposition party surrounded her and tried to remove her from the podium, but she grabbed the mic and held on until she was pulled away.

Moments later, she was able to get to another microphone. The scuffle lasted for several minutes before the woman was eventually carried away.


Matt Quigley took photos from his office in Queens, New York of a coyote on the roof of a nearby building.

Quigley said he thought it was a dog at first, but later called authorities after realizing what it was.

Two NYPD officers armed with a tranquilizer gun tried to capture the animal, but it got away.


Stormy weather in South Carolina Monday made for interesting cloud formations over Columbia.

The National Weather Service posted video of what it says are "undulatus asperatus", which are a wavy-looking formation but are not an official cloud category.


With his 70-year-old son videotaping, 95-year-old Pete Weber took the skies over California Monday hoping for the Guinness Book of World Records title of world's oldest pilot.

Guinness required the video, still pictures, and expert witness testimony before it can verify Weber's claim.

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