PolitiFact: Pittenger, Harris sling accusations

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This week, PolitiFact looks at claims made by Congressman Robert Pittenger and his opponent, the Rev. Mark Harris.

If Rep. Robert Pittenger has his way, the primary election for his seat will become a contest over loyalty to President Donald Trump.

Pittenger, a Republican from the Charlotte area, faces an opponent in Rev. Mark Harris, who came within 134 votes of beating him for the District 9 seat in June 2016.

Pittenger recently released an ad that casts Harris as a critic of Trump, who carried the district with 54 percent of the vote in 2016.

The ad reads: "Mark Harris worked to stop a Trump presidency."

Is that true? PolitiFact looked at this statement.

Here's what they found.

Harris, for his part, recently criticized Pittenger for supporting a spending bill that raised the debt ceiling.

"Robert Pittenger showed us yet again why he is constantly rated as one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress," the newsletter says.

Is Pittenger one of the most liberal Republicans?

PolitiFact looked at this statement.

Here's what they found.
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