PPP poll: HB2 unpopular among voters, hurting the state

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A new poll from the liberal-leaning Public Policy Polling found minimal support for voters for the controversial House Bill 2. PPP also said that voters think the law has hurt the state in several ways.

The poll finds that 36 percent of voters in North Carolina support HB2 compared to 45 percent who are opposed. Independents are against it 33/46, Democrats 20/65, and Republicans support it 56/24.

Fifty-four percent said they think it's had a negative impact on North Carolina's economy compared to 11 percent who think it's having a positive effect. According to the poll, 53 percent think the law has negatively impacted North Carolina's national reputation. 22 percent claim they think it's been positive for the state's image.

Overall, PPP says only 32 percent of voters think HB2 is helping North Carolina compared to 53 percent who think it's hurting the state.

As far as what the law has accomplished, only 37 percent think it has made the state safer, while 44 percent think it has not.
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