VIDEO: Thief steals 2 packages from Brier Creek doorstep

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Aryn Baker is usually at home Thursday afternoons.

"This was the first time on a Thursday afternoon I have not been home in years," she said.

On Thursday, May 30, someone walked up to her door and swiped two packages from her Brier Creek home, where she and her husband have lived for more than three years.

One package contained furniture; the other contained 200 of her business cards.

"It had four chairs in it," Baker said. "It was big and bulky. I think if she were driving a smaller car, she wouldn't have been able to take it--which is why I've never worried about furniture being stolen off my step before. It's just not something you can easily walk off with."

The couple's surveillance camera captured the whole incident.

Their surveillance camera keeps footage for three days and with help from their neighbors, they were able to enhance it and get a license plate number off the truck.

They reported the license plate number and what happened to Raleigh Police Department.

"The frustration level is quite high because it was actually furniture for my business," she said. "It was something I needed for Monday, so I had to go out and buy something again. There was financial loss from it."

Baker owns a home-staging business. She said the theft caused her a lot of undue stress.

"I spent most of my weekend actually trying to find new furniture that would work for this house instead of relaxing," Baker said. "It was quite frustrating on multiple levels."
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