Surveillance video shows thief snatching gifts from Garner porch

As delivery truck drivers drop off packages on porches throughout the Triangle, thieves are just as quickly waiting in the wings ready to scoop them up.

The home security company Safewise just named the Raleigh-Durham as one of the Top 10 metro areas in the country where porch pirates are striking most during the holidays.

Raleigh-Durham came in fifth place.

A Garner resident took to the NextDoor app after someone snatched her items.

A man, wearing dark clothing, was seen taking two packages in a two-second home surveillance video. It happened in the Bingham Station subdivision.

A few days ago, the homeowner got an email notification that her packages had been delivered. When she opened her front door nothing was there.

It wasn't until she went back and looked at her home surveillance video she found out the gifts were snatched up.

A nearby resident wishes delivery truckers would take extra steps not to leave goods out in the open.

"I think they kind of just throw it on the porch. They're in a hurry," said Jason Marcus. "I know they're timed sometimes on the delivery. I understand that, but I think they could put in the corner or something where it's not very visible for people."
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