Who's behind these postcards?

Diane Wilson Image
Tuesday, August 15, 2017

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Did you get one of these in the mail? They are showing up in homeowner's mailboxes and viewers are asking me what's behind it?

I called the number and had to leave a message. It didn't take long for me to get a call back from a very nice woman who wanted to welcome me to the neighborhood. She said their records showed I just moved in recently, and she hoped I was adjusting well.

She then said she'd like to send me a $15 gift card to one of my favorite restaurants, and in exchange, I would get a free water analysis. I asked what company she was calling from and she said Elite Water.

She asked when I would like to schedule their technicians to come to my home for my free water analysis and I told her no thanks. I asked how I could be taken off the list for their mailing, she hung up on me.

A quick check of the Better Business Bureau and the Elite Water does have an A rating. They have 39 positive reviews and 6 negative reviews. A representative from Elite Water says they do call and send mailing to new homeowners. If you are on the Do Not Call List they will not call you. If you'd like to be taken off their list and no receive further solicitations, the representative says just call the number on the card provide your name and phone number and ask to be taken off all of their lists.

There are several ways to stop the unsolicited mail. Head to the Federal Trade Commission website, and they walk you through exactly what steps to take.