DOT under mandate to fix potholes in 48 hours

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- The NCDOT is under a deadline to repair potholes, and the agency is asking for your help to get the work finished on time.


Since January 1, the DOT has been acting on a state-mandated deadline of repairing potholes within 48 business hours of them being reported.

To help in achieving its goal, the DOT launched a new online reporting system so drivers can more easily report specific locator information. Crews can now pinpoint the trouble spots and repair them quickly.

The DOT hopes its expedited process keeps drivers safe.

"That's our big thing is make sure our roads are safe," said Steve Abbott, NCDOT spokesperson. "If a pothole develops and we don't know about it, then other cars are going to hit it and damage their cars or something worse."

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