8 arrested after refusing to leave protest outside Charlotte women's clinic

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Police dispersed a gathering of about 50 protesters outside of a Charlotte women's clinic resulting in the arrest of eight people for violating Gov. Roy Cooper's stay-at-home order.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said when they first arrived, about 50 people were protesting outside of the Preferred Women's Health Center in southeast Charlotte, according to WSOC.

Officials said 12 people refused to leave and were cited for violation of emergency prohibitions and restrictions. From there, eight people refused to follow the order and were later arrested and charged with violation of emergency prohibitions and restrictions.

A week ago, the city of Charlotte received complaints of people protesting at the same women's clinic.

The North Carolina Department of Health reports Mecklenburg County has 635 COVId-19 cases, the highest count within the state.